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A New Year and a new beginning...

We are elated to finally get the good news - Aline and her family will be on their way to their new home in Canada on February 2nd, 2023. You’ll be pleased to know the family will be assisted in boarding in Dar es Salaam, they will be met and provided assistance in Amsterdam where they will have nearly an eight hour layover before boarding for Vancouver. Once there, they will be assisted through customs and be met by Leocadie, family and friends. Please continue to pray for her and her family. You can also help by providing financial support through the links below.

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Meet Aline and Her Family

Meet Aline and Her Family

You can help Aline and her children settle in their new home in Canada by providing financial support. Find more information on how to give below.

From Burundi to Canada

Born in Burundi, Aline Niyokwizera was forced to flee her home at the age of 13 due to the civil war in 1993. She and her family found refuge at the Mtabila Camp in Tanzania. This camp would later be closed, forcing refugees to return to a country plagued by instability and humanitarian crisis. 


Aline and her husband, Nestor Niyonkuru, were married in the camp in 1998, and there they had four children. The young couple longed for a home to raise their growing family and so voluntarily repatriate to Burundi, hoping to return to Nestor’s family farm. 


Unfortunately, they found the farm was under the control of distant relatives who were not only hostile to Aline and her family, but who eventually killed her husband and threatened her and her children. Aline and her children were forced to flee once again. 


Three months after her husband’s death, Aline and her children began travelling on foot to find refuge in Tanzania. After a long journey, including staying several months with another widowed woman, Aline and her family arrived at the Nyarugusu Refugee Camp. Here she and her family are entirely dependant on UNHCR for all their needs as it is too dangerous for them to leave the camp to find work or go to school.


Providentially, Aline was able to connect with Nestor’s sister, Leocadie Sinigirira. Leocadie had, under similar circumstances immigrated to Canada in 2006 and is currently living in Coquitlam, British Colombia with her adult children. Since this time, Leocadie has worked tirelessly to bring Aline and her six children to Canada. Our hope is that they will be allowed to immigrate soon, ready to settle in a new and welcoming home.

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Ways You Can Help

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Practical Help

We will be collecting some practical items for Aline's family.


This list of items may change regularly, so please check back before donating.

cash or cheque

Use an envelope at Coquitlam Presbyterian Church to donate by cash or cheque.


When using your own envelopes, remember to mark it "Settlement-Refugee Fund"

credit card

Donate through Coquitlam Presbyterian's page using the blue "DONATE NOW" button below. Then simply:

  • Click the green "Give" button

  • In the field labeled "General Fund" select "Settlement-Refugee Fund" and 100% of your donation will go to Aline Niyokwizera

  • Follow the prompts to make your donation


From your banking website or app, send your donation to There is no password required.


Please be sure to note in the message section "Settlement - Refugee Fund"

Learn a little more...

Meet Aline and learn a little more about her family and country.

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